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Uninett IoU core in Launch of Unique Music Technology Master

Wednesday August 29th NTNU’s and UiO’s joint master program “Music, Communication and Technology (MCT)” was officially opened. The program intents to train students with diverse backgrounds in topics related to musical and artistic collaboration over the Internet. Heart of the program is a multimedia portal interconnection NTNU and UiO to realize an extended experimental lab […]

Live lecture streaming and capture by smartphones

Smart-phones only with standard wired hands-free has recently been applied as capturing devices to capture lectures with UNINETT IoUs experimental Live Streaming service, with reasonable success. Many cloud services support live streaming and recording from smart-phones (e.g., Youtube, UStream, facebook,…) however they typically handle a single stream per channel. Live streaming a lecture with […]

Live Audio and Video over WebRTC’s datachannel

UNINETT IoU has over the summer developed a WebRTC demonstrator which attempts something “naughty”… As part of our work on WebRTC as well as our work within low latency collaboration tools, we decided to find an answer to the following research questions: Is it possible to transfer live audio and video over the data-channel in […]

Clean Sky and Netsys 2017

In week 11 (March 13-17) 2017 both Clean Sky‘s (an EU ITN) annual conference as well as the  NetSys 2017 conference took place in Göttingen, Germany. UNINETT visited both events. The Clean Sky fellows (PhD students) are all progressing steadily with their SDN-NFV topics. A majority of the works focus on optimizing different aspects of […]

NTP Clock Synch Accuracy – It’s time for microseconds

Making accurate clock signals available has been an ongoing challenge for mankind for millenniums (ref wikipedia).   We have increased accuracy gradually, from half hours (sundials) down to nanosecond (atomic clocks) over all those years. But an accurate clock is worth little if it is not synchronized with other clocks relevant in a certain setting, […]

In search for “the meaning of SDN”

UNINETTs 2015 innovation project on SDN technology has continued the search for a “the meaning of SDN” for an IP backbone network operator. A growing number of vendors and  communities (both commercially driven and more idealistic)  keep on announcing enthusiastically SDN as the way to go while also posting warnings about believing SDN is the […]

High Quality Multimedia Tools for Sophisticated Users

During 2015 the Multimedia Infrastructure innovation project (MMI2015) has continued UNINETT’s work towards a future infrastructure capable of satisfying high requirements to multimedia content and transport quality. I MMI 2015 a fair amount of time has been spent collaborating with test-users from the domain of music and musical theaters. Department of Music at NTNU and […]

Workshop on SDN, Summer 2015

UNINETT invited to a another workshop in our series of half day workshops on SDN at the end of the summer, August 27 2015. 8 people attended, arriving from Transpacket, Department of Telematics at NTNU and UNINETT. Two participants attended remotely from Oslo. The workshop program was the following 12:30-13:30 Lunch 13:30-14:00 Welcome and round […]


Close to 1/3 of all main track presentation at SIGCOMM 2015 in London, August 18-20, addressed challenges and experiences related to data centres. Software Defined Networking was often the actual or assumed underlying technology. All SIGCOMM 2015 papers are available online  via the conference web site. A general impression is that most accepted work at […]

Network Performing Arts Production Workshop 2015

The annual “Network Performing Arts Production Workshop” took place at the very top floor of the Royal College of Music (RCM) in London in May 4-6 2015. UNINETT was present in the audience (but not performing, presenting or demonstrating anything this year). The workshop seems to attract a balanced mix of people with technical and […]