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SDN-workshop, Spring 2014

IoU at UNINETT invited for a  half day workshop on SDN. Time and place was Tuesday May 6, 09:00 – 13:00, at UNINETT. In total 14 participants attended the workshop. The program was 9:00-9:15 Welcome (Otto) 9:15-9:30 Reports from recently visited conferences and workshops (Otto, Martin) 9:30-11:30 Summary of ongoing work by workshop participants (15 […]

Data Analysis as a Service: Project motivation and abstract

In recent years, the amount of data generated has been increasing exponentially. The data is coming from different sources such as machine logs, gene sequencing, sensor networks, network flows, social media. Researchers in education and research sector from areas e.g. Bioinformatics, computer science, astronomy, environmental science has huge data sets and would like to analyze […]