Web Technology

There is a demand for a novel middleware platform to better support authentication and group management in UNINETTs service infrastructure. The Web Technology project will gain knowledge about potential solutions, design and develop a platform which provides
– Contact information API
– Calendar information API
– Group information API
– Platform for web application hosting
– Statistics and monitoring services for web apps
– Storage for application data
– Access to group based activity flows

HTTPjs – a new API debugging, prototyping and test tool

Today, we released a new API debugging, prototyping and test tool that is available at:

When you arrive at the site, you’ll immediately be delegated a separate sub domain, such as http://f12.httpjs.net. This subdomain is now ready to receive any kind of HTTP requests. At the site, you get a javascript editor window, where you can prototype the server side of the API server.

All requests sent to your new domain, will be processed in your browser with your custom javascript implementation. The web site will display the full HTTP log for you to inspect.

This tool is very useful for rapid development, and testing of API clients. In example, you may select a template OAuth Server implementation to start from, then attempt to return variations, invalid responses and similar to inspect how your client behaves.