Demo performance the opera “Thora” at Dokkhuset

The “Open Multimedia Tools 2014” project concludes this fall. As a final delivery from the project a demo performance will take place at Dokkhuset scene December 9th. A digest of the opera “Thora” will be presented with the intention to show how newly installed audio-visual technology may be utilized in a live performence.

The sub-project “Nettmusikk 2014” has brought Dokkhuset scene and NTNU together in a process to conclude the long running scientific project “Collaboration spaces”, a collaboration between the three NTNU departments Telematics, Music and Electronics and Telecommunications. Close to 2 million NOK has been invested in audio-visual equipment and 10 networking, upgrading Dokkhuset, Orgelsalen and two studios at the department of Music.

UNINETT has contributed with project management, technical resources on networking and networked performance tools as well as some funding of equipment, installation and testing. NTNU has been the main source of funding with 1.8 million NOK invested.

“Nettmusikk” will most likely be continued in 2015 as more institutions (UiT, UiA and NMH) are already very interested in joining the networked performance infrastructure.

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