“Routing and dependability 2014” ends – Results

The “Routing and dependability 2014” was completed at the end of 2014. This post summarises work address in the project and results output. Interdomain measurements:  Active intra-domain (within UNINETT)  inter-domain measurements  were performed during a few month time period as part of the ongoing  Dragon-lab initiative. Intra-domain data collected was analysed, and anomalies on the […]

Trends in multimedia domains

Based on the experiences for the concluded “Open multimedia tools 2014” project, a list of seen trends and interesting technological development directions are presented. Real-time collaboration: The advent of the WebRTC/rtcweb standards has already enable new browser base collaboration tools, without the need for plug-ins or other additional installed software in clients. It seems though […]

“Open multimedia tool 2014” ends – Results

The “Open Multimedia Tools 2014” project came to an end at the end of 2014. A summary of activities and achievements is presented  in this post. High quality streaming / Musical collaboration: This activity has been looking into state-of-the-art tools for “near natural” real-time audio-visual online collaboration. It  has turned out to be the most […]

Demo performance the opera “Thora” at Dokkhuset

The “Open Multimedia Tools 2014” project concludes this fall. As a final delivery from the project a demo performance will take place at Dokkhuset scene December 9th. A digest of the opera “Thora” will be presented with the intention to show how newly installed audio-visual technology may be utilized in a live performence. The sub-project […]

SDN Workshop – Autumn 2014

A one-day workshop on Software Defined Networking (SDN) was held at UNINETT premises October 21 2015. The workshop was the 2nd held this year. Participants from UNINETT, Transpacket, NTNU and Telenor attended, around 10 in total. The program was 10:00-10:05 Welcome 10:00-10:15 Quick intro from all participants 10:15-10:45 Status on UNINETT-UiS-UNIK SDN infrastructure  (pdf) 10:45-11:15 […]

HTTPjs – a new API debugging, prototyping and test tool

Today, we released a new API debugging, prototyping and test tool that is available at: http://httpjs.net When you arrive at the site, you’ll immediately be delegated a separate sub domain, such as http://f12.httpjs.net. This subdomain is now ready to receive any kind of HTTP requests. At the site, you get a javascript editor window, where you […]